Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wilmington weather forecast

For the record, average weather on November 7 in Wilmington, NC:

Mean Temperature
59 °F / 15 °C

Max Temperature
71 °F / 21 °C
record 80 °F / 26 °C (2005)

Min Temperature
48 °F / 8 °C
record 31 °F / 0 °C (1982)

0.10 in / 0.25 cm
record 1.51 in / 3.84 cm (2006)

Winds may certainly be a factor on race day, but I don't have that data yet.

I'm in, for CAF

I'm planning to register for Beach to Battleship iron-distance triathlon when registration opens on December 1st. The race is planned for Saturday, November 7, 2009 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Through this effort I will be raising funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation which supports people with physical disabilities in sport, always a huge inspiration to me.

My CAF donation page is at: http://raceforareason.kintera.org/nancytoby

I know many of you have pledged to donate AFTER I cross the finish line, and that's fantastic! I've recorded your names, so I plan to be back bugging you in mid-November 2009!

Famous CAF triathlete and amputee Sarah Reinertsen didn't finish her first iron-distance triathlon, and the distance also defeated me on my first attempt at Ironman Florida in 2006 when even with two intact legs I only made it 127.5 miles. I hadn't planned to attempt the distance again, but Pusher Extraordinaire Brian Gatens made me an offer I couldn't refuse: If I finished, he would make a substantial donation to the charity of my choice. How could I turn that down!?

This second time around - just like Sarah - I'm going the full 140.6-mile distance, along with several of my best triathlete friends. We're keeping a blog on the details of the race and our preparations at http://beach2b.blogspot.com/

Thanks in advance for your support both of me and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Note: If anyone else would like to join me in fundraising for CAF at this event, I've set up a team called "Battleship or Bust" on the website. I invite you to join the team!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2009 registration

According to the 2008 B2B website:

When will registration open for the 2009 event? General registration will open on December 1, 2008 at 8AM for the 2009 event. The 2009 event date is set for Saturday November 7, 2009.

In 2008 the registration fee was $250 for USAT members for the iron distance triathlon. Refunds minus $50 were available up until August 1, 2008 or until the event filled, whichever came first.

CAVEAT! There may be NO refunds if the event fills, which it may do very soon after registration opens. Check the current policy carefully.

T2 and finish area

I believe there is just one main access road (which will be used by cyclists and runners) to this area - the tourist parking lots for the Battleship North Carolina - so it's probable that traffic, parking, and spectator access will be difficult on race day.

The Swim Courses

Yes, unfortunately, they do get stinging sea nettles in the area. It's possible that the numbers may subside by November, however, if waters are cool that year.

Wrightsville Beach Lodging

Just in case you're thinking about B2B - here's a link to vacation house rentals by Wrightsville Beach, where the swim start is (and walking distance to T1 and bike racking on Friday):

Lots of nice properties in all price ranges! They have prices on most of the houses if you click for individual information. I've seen everything from $500/week to $2500/week for places that looked nice.

Of course, since the finish line is in downtown Wilmington (9 miles away), you will have to figure out how to get transportation back for you and your bike after the race. If you're doing the full, probably riding your bike back tired in pitch blackness isn't an optimal plan.


Welcome to our group blog, for and by triathletes who hope to participate in the Beach to Battleship triathlon in Wilmington, North Carolina (mostly in November, 2009). See you there! Here's a link to the race website: http://www.beachtobattleship.com/