Sunday, November 2, 2008

News coverage of 2008 B2B

Results from the 2008 iron-distance event are posted here! 56 female finishers, 324 male finishers (380 total). The slowest swim was about 1:34. Median finish time for women was 12:49; for men median finish time was 12:22. DNF rate of those who finished the swim was 4.2%.

From the half iron distance results, there were 122 female finishers with median finish time 6:19; 250 male finishers with median time 5:49 (372 total finishers). DNF rate was 2.7% of those who finished the swim.

Locals report some significant traffic backups for the inaugural race (especially around the bridges and T2/finish area). Plan ahead to avoid these as much as possible in 2009! Also the water taxi service from T2/finish to the spectator parking areas had reported waiting times in line of over 2 hours.

Congratulations to Debi Bernardes on her 3rd place finish in the half-iron event!!

Iron competitors show mettle in Beach2Battleship triathlon


Here's some photos and a report from the 2nd-place women's relay team for the half-iron distance. Congratulations, podium girls!!

Rebecca DeWire took second place in the full iron distance in 10:44 after having a baby in January 2008!

A thread from Beginner Triathlete is up, about 2008 participants' experiences and results. Here's a BT race report for the half iron distance.

Here's a very detailed race report from a 14:52 full iron distance B2B finisher.

Here's another with several photos of the area (pdf).

The post-race participant reviews on Slowtwitch seem quite positive. "Nippycrisp" posted a nicely detailed race report on the full iron distance as well which sounded excellent.

Here's a spectator/triathlete report that confirms most of the good things people have said elsewhere about this race.

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