Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Registration numbers

Just to update those of you who may be sitting on the fence about B2B 2009 - don't delay! It's about 38% full in 2 days of registration.

Entrants as of December 2, 2008, 7:36 PM EST:
HALF: 293
FULL: 285
I believe I saw that they were capping it at 750 athletes in each (1500 total), if I'm not mistaken.
As of Tuesday morning, December 9 (registration open 8 days), it looks like the signup rate has slowed:
Full - 317 registrants
Half - 348 registrants
If they cap it at 1500 total (750 each) like they indicated, that looks to me like it's 44.3% full.

Update: December 31st, 2008:
Half - 412 registrants
Full - 365 registrants
51.8% full

Update update: January 8, 2008:
Half - 492 registrants (65% full)
Full - 392 registrants (52% full)

Update update update: March 3, 2008 (69% full overall):
Half - 588 registrants (78% full)
Full - 442 registrants (59% full)


Sarah said...

Hey guys, I am considering signing up for this race as a relay because I'll be doing Augusta 70.3 in September and am not sure about 2 halfs this close to each other. Plus, hubby is a runner and is interested in getting into tri, so I was thinking this would be a good way.

Since I've never done a relay, anyone have experience with that? Is it ok for me to swim and bike? Or should we look for a 3rd member?

Anonymous said...

Long overdue reply for Sarah up above: yes, you can have a 2-person relay! You'll be more competitive with a 3rd person (you know, fresher legs) but there's nothing that says you have to have three.