Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hotel Options for out of towners

I was just looking into the different hotel options for B2B and thought a post might help. I am gathering from the forums and other blog posts that there was some considerable issues with transition are locations and getting back to hotels post-race last year.

Anyone have insight to the problems? Any indication there are changes for this year?

The main hotels appear to be the Hilton Wilmington Riverside and the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. Thoughts on the benefits of either one? Issues?

I will also have some spectators staying with me (as most racers will, I'm sure). Any ideas for how the different hotels may be better/worse for that long spectating day?

Thanks!! Happy training...


Anonymous said...

For athletes, it's almost a no-brainer... stay downtown! You'll check your bike into T1 on Friday, get a shuttle from Downtown to the beach Saturday morning, and when you finish, you're just a water taxi ride from your hotel.

If you stay at the beach, Sunspree is 1.5 miles from T1 and 2.5 miles from the start. The Blockade Runner may almost be a better bet, because it's between the start and T1. But all beach options have the issue of getting back after the race.

If you're going to be spectating all day, it's probably six of one vs. half a dozen of the other.

Problems? There were traffic issues during the mid and late afternoon hours due to the bridge closures.

Geography works against us anyway because T1 is at the beach, just over 10 miles away from T2 and the finish at the Battleship. Access to the battleship gets really tricky once the first bikes start coming in to T2.

I'll only give away my secrets to a select few backchannel, but I'm not sure how valid they'll be by 2009.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Definitely stay downtown!! That's where all the action is.If you stay at the beach- very hard for spectators.

howardjames26.2 said...

Thanks for the information. I was booked at the holiday inn but have changed to the Hilton.

Sarah said...

I just booked the Hilton as a backup, they still have reservations at the $133 rate.

Robyn said...

The Hilton is right across the river from T2 and the finish. Access by water taxi. The race officials have promised to change the water taxi numbers and departure times to alleviate the major delays that plagued the 2008 race.

If folks (athletes and spectators) are staying away from downtown, at least park there and take the water taxis to and from the race - that way you avoid bridge traffic leaving the race.

tri.bassett said...

We're booked at the Hilton. No more $133 rates (at least the codes didn't work for me) but I got AAA discount for $143.

ExpatExec from USA said...

Hotel for next yr, stay at the Wilmingtonian.
On Dock Street, it is just 4 blocks from the Hilton, larger rooms (with kitchens) and better rates. It really was convenient before and after the race.