Tuesday, August 4, 2009

B2B bike route

I tried mapping out the bike loop elevations for B2B full and unfortunately I don't seem to be able to save the file, but as far as I can tell:

There's a fairly gradual climb to 115 ft elevation at mile 55, then it dips to 60 feet at mile 59, climbs back up to 115 feet at mile 62, then drops very gradually back to the baseline at the starting point.

In other words, it's about as pancake flat as you'll get anywhere, with a little bit to wake up the legs around the midpoint. I only got 104 miles on the course I did quickly, because I skipped the part between T1 and T2 (which I believe includes a couple taller bridge crossings) but that's the gist.

Just be ready for wind!!

The route is also on MapMyRide.

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