Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogger Meet-Up???

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has heard of a blogger meet-up at B2B. I have NOT, yet I know there are a number of bloggers doing the race (half or full). Assuming nothing has yet been set up, here are some possibilities I see:

Thurs, 11/5, 5-8pm, Kick Off Dinner @ Convention Center
Friday, 11/6, breakfast somewhere
Friday 11/6, lunch somewhere
Friday, 11/6, dinner somewhere
Friday, 11/6, Athlete meeting 12 noon, 2pm or 5pm
Sunday, 11/8, breakfast somewhere
Sunday, 11/8, 11am-2pm, Awards Ceremony Cruise

If you know of a blogger meet-up, please do tell. Otherwise, if you're interested in meeting other bloggers, which of the above do you prefer? Feel free to make other suggestions and also share info about when you are getting in, leaving, and where are you staying if you want.

Those interested in meeting up should attend the NOON athlete's meeting on Friday, 11/6. We will meet just outside the entrance/exit after it (see comments for more info).


ShirleyPerly said...

I'm getting in Thursday evening by 5pm and departing on Monday. We're staying at the Hilton Riverside. My preferences would be to meet either Thursday at the Kick Off dinner or for lunch on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming in Friday morning-i'm planning on going to the 2nd meeting. I'd be up for dinner on Friday.

Nancy Toby said...

I'm definitely going to be attending the post-race cruise with my training buddy Dave (who is doing the full). I think before that it might be too crazy with people running around getting ready for the race. But please don't be shy about introducing yourselves to each other and cheering each other on along the race course!

Kevin said...

I hadn't heard anything so far. We are leaving GA Thursday after work and are spending the night in Myrtle Beach. We will be getting into Wilmington on Friday in time for either the noon or 2pm meeting since checkin to the Hilton isn't till 4pm. We weren't planning on doing the cruise since we have a 6-7 hr ride back home, but we will probably wait till checkout time 11am to leave on Sunday

ShirleyPerly said...

Good that you brought up the athlete meetings, Kevin. I think most will attend at least one of them so that's also a possibility. I will add that to the list of options. Even a brief meet-up to say 'hi' would be nice. I would go to either the 12pm or 2pm one too.

WADDLER26.2 said...

What about a meet after the noon meeting. I know a place close by across from the Hilton.

Vickie said...

I will be arriving late Tuesday evening, leaving Monday morning sometime. I will be on the awards cruise as well. I am staying at the Wilmington Extended Stay, about 7 miles from town. Are there any swims planned? That's what I am most interested at this time. I also will be attending the kickoff dinner so maybe we should try to meet eithr after the noon meeting as suggested by Karen or something prior to the dinner.

Missy said...

I am getting in late Thursday. I wouldn't mind catching up after one of the meetings for a minute. I tend to be a little solitary pre-race, gotta get my game face on and my head straight!

Since I am doing the half, you full distance peeps can 'meet' me at the finish line. I'll be out there cheering and drinking my weight in beer!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

OK, I know this is not going to satisfy everyone, but I'm going to just make a command decision and say that whoever is interested in meeting up should attend the athlete's meeting at NOON on Friday and we will get together for a brief moment afterwards. If some want to hang out for longer, that is fine but those who want to get going can do that too. Let's gather just OUTSIDE of the entrance/exit. I'll be the short Asian woman wearing a red visor and probably either wearing or carrying a high vis yellow jacket.

Vickie: I saw some discussions about unofficial swim practices on the B2B forums.

IronLinae, PhD said...

The Friday noon meeting might be too early for me but I'll do my best. Look for me in an orange t-shirt that says "you can do it" coaching.

Calyx Meredith said...

Hey - Donna and I will be at the noon meeting too and I've passed it. I'll be the one with the pierced lip and panicked look on my face. :D PS - We're staying at the Riverside Hilton too.

21stCenturyMom said...

I didn't even know this website existed until now!

I am heading down there from Durham in about 10 minutes.

I will try to make the noon meeting and meet you all there. I have no idea what I'll be wearing so I will look for you.

Am also planning on attending the awards cruise as there are 4 women in my AG and I do so hope to come in for a podium finish.

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