Monday, November 3, 2008

Race day tides

Just for the record, here is the tide table for Wilmington Beach, NC for the inaugural Beach to Battleship triathlon on November 1, 2008 (just for comparison of swim times in future races - can't find one for November 2009 yet):

Tides for Wilmington Beach starting with November 1, 2008:

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
_____/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible
Sa 1 Low 3:22 AM 0.4 7:32 AM Rise 11:04 AM 7
___1 High 9:49 AM 4.8 6:18 PM Set 8:41 PM
___1 Low 4:32 PM 0.6
___1 High 10:06 PM 3.4

Tides (nearly identical!) for Wilmington Beach for Saturday, November 7, 2009:

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
_____/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible
Sa 7 Low 3:40 AM 0.2 6:37 AM Set 11:31 AM 79
___7 High 10:11 AM 5.2 5:13 PM Rise 9:53 PM
___7 Low 4:54 PM 0.3
___7 High 10:36 PM 3.8

The high tide will be 22 minutes later than for the 2008 race and very slightly bigger magnitude. If my calculations are correct, peak flow should occur midway between the tides at . . . *drumroll* . . . 6:56AM!

There will be a 3/4-full moon to run with starting at 9:53 PM on the run course, as well. Hopefully most of us will only have an opportunity to see it after crossing the finish line!

Here's a YouTube video where you can see how the swimmers were absolutely FLYING down the channel:


Robyn said...

Best wishes for your 2009 training! My report of this year's B2B half is posted at

Feel free to send any course questions my way.

Bob Mays said...

Thanks for that tide info! I used your link to get the 11/7/09 tide. Select Oct 31st, 2009, then select the next 8 days, and it shows you the following 8 days worth.

I get low of 3:40 AM, and high of 10:11 AM.

Fairly close to this year's tides.

Nancy Toby said...

Woot, thanks Bob, that's great news!!! I'm enthusiastic looking at those swim times from this year!!


I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.