Friday, January 16, 2009

10 Most Annoying People At The Gym - Page 1

This is why I won't workout at my YMCA (other than the pool) until after Groundhog Day...

10 Most Annoying People At The Gym

After that, it's usually safe to go back as all the temporary resolutionists have quit. The parking is better too...

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Ryan said...

What about the extreme "flatulator?"

I am kind of guilty of that, granted the only time I step foot in a gym is to use a treadmill. I have some sort of issue that appears around mile 5-6 of a hard effort treadmill run. When I say appear...well, let's just say that hopefully everyone has the volume on their Ipods blaring :-)

I'll be at B2B also; so please add me to the list.